Dave Dillon interviews Ken Beckman about his October 2017 Health Watch article, “An Actuarial Model to Improve Health and Reduce Costs.” This model offers financial incentives to health care providers to help patients achieve improved health resulting in reduced overall health care costs. In contrast to the current environment which incentivizes prescribing drugs and medical procedures, this model relies on a prescription of whole food plant-based nutrition which has been shown in the scientific literature to be effective at reversing many common and chronic costly health conditions with no negative side effects.

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From the October 2017 Taxing Times: This edition of “In the Beginning” provides a high-level overview of reinsurance: its purpose and uses, its different forms, and the tax results and issues that can arise in reinsurance transactions. Written by Jean Baxley and Eli Katz.  Read by Dan Theodore.

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In this episode, Dale Hall, FSA, MAAA, CERA, CFA, Managing Director of Research discusses the Living to 100 Monograph topic, Insights into Successful Aging, with Steve Vernon, FSA, MAAA and Jean-Marc Fix, FSA, MAAA.

This podcast discusses Mortality Improvement Scale MP-2017, the annual update to the RPEC_2014 model and its corresponding mortality improvement scales, released by the Society of Actuaries Retirement Plans Experience Committee (RPEC). This new version of the model reflects historical U.S. population mortality experience through 2015.

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Listen in as Mark Rowley, SmallCo Section Council Chair, discusses the many benefits of joining the Smaller Insurance Company Section (“SmallCo”).

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This podcast discusses The Older Age Underwriting Practices Survey, a survey designed to elicit feedback regarding underwriting guidelines, requirements, assumptions and practices utilized in the assessment of older age applicants. This survey was sent to US and Canadian direct life insurance companies.

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Bin Fang, FSA, MAAA, Director & Actuary at AIG, and Chair of the Actuary of Future Section Council has a conversation with Mindy Lin and Edmond Eberle on his experience volunteering for SOA, and working in a life insurance company.

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This podcast discusses the recently released report which serves as a primer on the mechanics and uses of the Hidden Markov Model (HMM) for actuarial and financial applications. The report also includes development of a new application for the HMM to mortgage-backed securities exchange-traded funds.

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In this episode, Dale Hall, FSA, MAAA, CERA, CFA, Managing Director of Research discusses the Living to 100 Monograph topic, Senior Citizen in 2050, with Ronora Stryker, ASA, MAAA, Research Actuary.

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The passage of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (ACA) in 2010 caused sweeping changes in the dental insurance industry, affecting the construct of dental benefits, the pricing of those benefits, and the availability of dental coverage. Now, as changes to the ACA or elimination of some of its provisions could potentially be enacted in the coming months, the dental benefits industry again must determine how to succeed in this evolving environment. In this podcast we explore the impact of the ACA on dental and the potential ramifications of any changes to the dental related components of the law.

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