Joe Wurzburger interviews Dave Rengachary about a revolutionary program dedicated to extending the time spent at home for patients suffering from Alzheimer’s type dementia. Working through a highly personalized Family Caregiving program and leveraging occupational therapy and home safety assessments to assist patients; this intriguing option may be of interest to LTC carriers given the natural alignment of goals in delaying institutional care and preserving independence in activities of daily living.  Join us for an introduction to the program and exploration of possible use alongside LTC offerings.

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This podcast discusses the recently released report, Post-Retirement Experiences of Individuals 85+ Years old.

Frank Chang, both Google and Uber's first actuarial hire, shares his fascinating career path and what he has learned along the way. This is part of a series of interviews sponsored by the E and I Section. Each participant is a participant that has chosen an unusual or innovative professional path.

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This podcast discusses the recently released research report, Seasonal Influenza in the United States 2016‐2017

This podcast covers updates on accelerated underwriting methods presented to the Life Actuarial Task Force (LATF) of the National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC) at the NAIC Fall National Meeting 2017.

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Senior SOA Research staff preview 2018 SOA Research.

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Senior SOA Research staff reminisce about the holidays and look back on key 2017 research projects.

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Self Insurance is, by members, the most important approach to funding employee health benefits in the commercial market, yet comparatively few actuaries specialize in this area. This podcast explains how the SOA Health Section's strategic initiative on self-insurance is working to educate actuaries and others about self-insurance challenges and opportunities.

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Senior SOA Research staff discuss memorable moments in SOA Research from 2017 and their holiday season plans.

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Listen to a conversation with Lori Weyuker, innovator and actuary, who began her career in a traditional actuarial role then branched out into various roles that are "outside of the box."

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