Joe Wurzburger interviews Mark Jamilkowski, Todd Daniels, and Kurt Wrobel about their session from the 2015 SOA Annual Meeting covering ORSA for health plans. The guests reflect back over the primary lessons learned both from their own experiences with ORSA as well as from the Annual Meeting session itself. Listeners will be able to gain insight from three of the industry’s leaders that they can apply to their own ORSA reports going forward.


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The affordable care act created a provision for states to offer a Basic Health Plan as an affordable coverage for members with incomes up to 200% of federal poverty level. However, very few states showed interest and only a couple offered the plan. Gain insights into why more states did not implement a basic health plan from an actuary who analyzed the financial impact of implementing this plan in the state of Massachusetts.

ACA@5 An Actuarial Retrospective 

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Rowen Bell provides his insight on the concept and development of the ACA @ 5 An Actuarial Retrospective.  

ACA@5 An Actuarial Retrospective

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This podcast is a summary of the ethical leadership session at the 2015 SOA Valuation Actuary Symposium that explored three components―organizational leadership, ethical decision-making, and the art of diversity.  The discussion offers actuaries practical advice on how to be an ethical leader.

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