In the third episode, Jay Egelberg and Jim Dexter talk about multiemployer withdrawal liability and take a look at the future for multiemployer pension plans.


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This podcast focuses on one the most important problems in analytic research - the development of biased analysis by researchers.  In the podcast, Kurt first highlights the problem by describing an internal debate among economists regarding their own biases and how it is connected to their research.  With this debate as background, Kurt then discuss how actuaries can avoid many of the pitfalls encountered by economists in doing their work - particularly when it applies to the most challenging aspects of public policy.  Article from June/July issue of The Actuary.

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Health reform comes with many new rules for actuaries. It also brings actuaries unstructured challenges, such as providing an opinion on whether a particular program saves money. While actuaries have advantages over other professions for such problems, traditional approaches can easily lead the actuary astray. Hear about the right kind of thinking and methods from two non-traditional actuaries at the forefront of actuarial cause and effect analysis. Article from the May issue of Health Watch.

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Dan Theodore reads "In The Beginning…A Column Devoted To Tax Basics - Consequences Of Insurance Business Or Company Acquisitions” from the June 2015 issue of Taxing Times written by Gary R. Vogel and Kristie Khaw.

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Dan Theodore reads “Private Letter Ruling on Section 807(f) Refines Change-in-Basis Rule" from the June 2015 issue of Taxing Times written by Craig Pichette and Sheryl Flum.



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