In part 2 of this podcast, Dr. Mark McClellan continues to share his insights and explain the transformative role of ACOs and how they are helping to re-shape the finance and delivery of health care, not only in the US, but internationally as well.  He addresses the need for different care approaches for different populations, the future of health insurance, and the role health actuaries can play going forward.

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In part 1 of this 2-part discussion, economist and physician, Dr. Mark McClellan, is interviewed by Daniel Bailey about the changes in the US system for the delivery and finance of health care.  Dr. McClellan is Senior Fellow at Brookings and Director of their Initiative on Innovation and Value in Health Care Reform.  He previously served as Administrator of CMS and Commissioner of the FDA.  In this interview, he focuses on the changes in care delivery and how they affect quality and affordability.  In particular, Dr. McClellan describes the effect of ACOs, their recent results and expected future.  This podcast is a follow-up to Dr. McClellan's keynote address at the SOA Health Meeting in June 2014.

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