Listen as Anders Larson, FSA, MAAA talks with Shea Parkes, FSA, MAAA about the range of tools available to help implement machine learning. Many of the prior sessions focused on the concepts and theory and only hinted at specific tools and implementations. This episode kicks off a whole new series that will focus on languages, libraries, frameworks and cloud providers. In addition to a high-level overview, this episode also drills a little deeper on Graphical User Interface (GUI) modeling tools such as RapidMiner and KNIME.

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Genomic testing can help inform decision making in treatment pathways for selected disorders. This podcast introduces relevant considerations around the funding of these tests that can support a greater appreciation of the risks and gains to payers for embarking on the personalized medicine journey.

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This podcast highlights SOA reseach that will be presented at the Society of Actuaries Life and Annuity Symposium.

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This podcast discusses the Society of Actuaries Strategic Research Program Initiative.

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This podcast discusses the research report, Understanding VM-20 Results.

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John Culkin and Joe Slater discuss how changes in the handling of pre-existing conditions and increasing the age rating slopes could lead to remarkedly lower premiums in the Individual ACA market.

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This podcast highlights the 2018 SOA Workable Innovations for Living Longer Contest, walking though the process of entering the contest.