In this podcast, Dave Dillon, FSA, MAAA interviews Juliet Spector, FSA, MAAA on payment reform models.  The discuss key risks, important payment reform team members, and pricing.  Juliet also gives her opinion on whether she thinks payment reform will be successful.

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Author Robert DeRose discusses the rapid pace of change within the reinsurance sector. From the November 2015 edition of Reinsurance News. Read by David Elias, FSA, MAAA.

Author Ronald Poon-Affat, FSA, FIA, MAAA discusses trends related to Reinsurance and the topic of reinventing present business models and product offerings. From the November 2015 edition of Reinsurance News. Read by Mark Tanner, FSA, MAAA. 

Cross Validation and Bootstrapping are two important resampling techniques that aid in training predictive models.  This episode focuses on how to use these techniques to train models that generalize well to new data.

In September 2015, the Tax Court issued its opinion blessing residual value insurance contracts as “insurance” for federal income tax purposes. Authors Jean Baxley and Sheryl Flum provide a brief backdrop to the “what is insurance” issue, summarize the Tax Court’s opinion in RVI, and offer observations regarding some of the potential implications of the decision.  From the March 2016 Taxing Times.  Read by Dan Theodore.

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