Mike Boot, Managing Director, Sections and Practice Advancement and Joe Wurzburger, Health Staff Fellow provide tips and ideas for moderating a session at an SOA meeting.

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Courtney Nashan interviews Andrew Webster, ASA from Validate Health, LLC and the intern Nate Pritzl about their experiences with the Society of Actuaries Student Summer Internship Program.

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It is natural to be a little nervous wondering how your audience will react to your presentation. This podcast reviews different ways to practice your presentation and assess yourself before the actual presentation. 

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Have you attended a session where the presenter is reading from the slides? This podcast gives you tips torefine your presentation delivery. ‘Deliver don’t read your presentation’ and ‘use pauses effectively’ are a couple of techniques that are discussed.

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Have you heard the saying “A picture is worth a thousand words”? This adage also applies to presentations. Visuals can be powerful but they can also have a negative impact – too many visuals or busy visuals will be distracting. This podcast provides you tips on how to use visuals effectively to capture the audience’s attention.

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Presenters from novice to experienced feel some level of anxiety before and during a presentation. This podcast gives you tips on how to channel your anxiety into confidence by following four simple rules.

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