Scott Sheefel, Chair and Jill Klibanov, Secretary/Treasurer provide an update for the Marketing and Distribution members on council activities and what’s new for 2015.



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Dan Bailey interviews Gregory Fann who recently presented at the 2014 SOA Annual Meeting on If We Knew Then What We Know Now: ACA Enrollment. For those who could not attend his presentation, this episode will provide you with highlights from Greg’s session.  

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Kelly Hennigan the author of the “Brand New Me’ reads her article discussing ways to create your own personal brand by focusing on three themes.  

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Gregory A. Brandner, FSA, MAAA; Julie A. Decker, FSA, MAAA; Kelly J. Rabin, FSA, MAAA, the presenters recap the session at the annual meeting and discuss the current COLI/BOLI market, and provide perspectives on underwriting, pricing and reinsurance. 

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