Analyzing claims costs trends in a volatile market is an important element of pricing health insurance products in the current ACA markets.

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SOA 20/20 contest winning paper

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Listen as Joe Wurzburger, FSA, MAAA is joined by Robert Eaton, FSA, MAAA and Shawna Meyer, FSA, MAAA to discuss the LTC Medical Symposium

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In this installment, Rachna shares stories of how she combined her on-the-job pension actuarial training with text book knowledge from the investment track exams to build a career as an investment actuary (and some interesting career advice that will expand your waist line).

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Successful Medicare Advantage data maintenance involves addressing data quality issues, rectifying adjudication errors, comparing to internal and external benchmarks and making the necessary adjustments to comply with CMS guidelines. This podcast discusses how Medicare Advantage plans can collect, review, and react to their claims experience to optimize financial results and create efficient processes.

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