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Dec 22, 2016

This is the first of a series of interviews sponsored by the Entrepreneurial & Innovation Section of the Society of Actuaries.  Each participant is an actuary that has chosen an unusual professional path, whether in an area where few actuaries have been before or in a traditional area but with a new business model or a new role.  What these actuaries share in common is their entrepreneurial & innovation spirit.


In this interview, Stephen Camilli, shares with us highlights of his career that started as an actuarial assistant at Hewitt Associates.  Little he knew then that his actuarial education was going to serve him well in a variety of roles that for most actuaries lie outside the boundaries of the possible.   Stephen shares his views about the non-actuarial skills he developed along the way and discusses certain aspects of exam preparation.  As a former literary agent, Stephen also recommends some of his favorite books, including one written by a prisoner (a famous one) in a concentration camp.