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Sep 29, 2022

Explore where fiction meets reality. In Part 2 of the “Speculative Spectacular” series, Nate Worrell talks with award winners from the 14th Speculative Fiction contest about how fiction writing improves actuarial communication. Then we look at their visions of possible futures, discussing the real world implications related to Artificial Intelligence and a world run by algorithms.  

In “Tea Leaves”, Bethany Coffee searches for a soul in a system that decides how risky you are.  A.I. based underwriting results motivate an actuary to develop a cure declining health in Al Klein’s “Preferred Plus”. And in “The Elixir of Life”, Angela Xu explores a calculation that determines if you die or live (possibly forever). Want more? Read their stories here. 

The Speculative Spectacular will launch in October of 2022.