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Health Section

Apr 24, 2023

Dave Dillon discussed with Paul Conlin, FSA, MAAA, the recently-published book “Power Failure” by William Cohan, on the 2001-2018 unraveling of General Electric.  One of the business events which led to the near-failure of GE was an under-reserving of Long Term Care reserves by 16 billion dollars, discovered...

Apr 24, 2023

Young Professional Advisory Council’s Silver Zhou, FSA, MAAA, discusses the importance of personal brand and building your reputation with Aree Bly and Jon Forster, ASA, MAAA. Also learn more about the SOA Next Generation Leaders Summit, where Aree will be leading a session on this topic.

Apr 19, 2023

Host Rong Rong, FSA, CPCU, talks with inspirational entrepreneur Aree Bly about Aree's entrepreneurial journey and other fun things.

Apr 10, 2023

Host Jackie Lee discusses the 340(b) Drug Pricing Program with Tony Pistilli of Axene Health Partners. Learn about the program's history and the significant growth it has seen in recent years to now account for almost 8% of all outpatient drug sales while concerns about potential abuse and unintended consequences...