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Nov 4, 2020

Listen now as April Shen, FSA, CFA, interviews Eric Schwartz, FSA, MAAA, on communicating actuarial model results. In this podcast, Eric discusses key questions and strategies actuaries should think about when they communicate model results to various stakeholders. 

Show notes:

1. Key stakeholders for modelers to communicate results to:

  • Regulators
  • Investors and rating agencies
  • Senior management
  • Sellers and buyers

2. Key questions modelers should think about when communicating results:

  • What are the metrics that are of interest?
  • What accounting basis is the model?
  • What's the timing of the cash flows?
  • What's driving the model results? 
  • Who's reviewing the model results?
  • What's the limitation of the model and its impact?
  • How confident are modelers with the results?

3. Literature on communicating modeling results:

  • ASOP 41: Actuarial Communication
  • ASOP 23: Data quality
  • VM-30
  • VM-31
  • ASOP 56: Modeling

4. Eric's contact: and SOA directory