Listen in as Andy Peterson and Joe Silvestri have an in-depth discussion of Joe's most recent report, "Observations on Input and Output Smoothing Methods: How Do They Affect Defined Benefit Plans."

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Listen in as Abby Conrad has a discussion with Ben Wadsley about the classic book How to Win Friends and Influence People by Dale Carnegie. They will discuss how this book, while not an obvious choice for actuaries, has several great communication ideas for your career.

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In this podcast, Andy Peterson discusses a research project on pensions with its author, Tim Leier. They’ll discuss a matrix of methods and assumptions used to value pension plans in Canada and the U.S., which is meant to be a broad-based reference for clients or students. It includes mutual guidance and standards of practice and can be thought of as an appendix of available guidance.

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Listen in as Rob Frasca and Henry Siegel continue their discussion of the insurance contracts projects of FASB and IASB. They will discuss the basic measurement model that the boards are proposing with a focus on long-duration products.

Listen in as Andy Peterson again has a talk with Vic Modugno. This time the focus is on the impact of insufficient retirement savings on workforce management, a  research project that he recently conducted.

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In this episode, Dan Theodore reads from and summarizes "Recent Developments on Policyholder Dividend Accruals" from the May 2012 issue of Taxing Times.

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In this episode, Dan Theodore reads from and summarizes "Life Settlements: Congress Wades Into The Fray" from the October 2012 issue of Taxing Times.

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In this podcast Rob Frasca and Henry Siegel will discuss the basics of the International Accounting Standards Board (IASB) and International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS), such as what is the IASB and what are they responsible for. Also discussed are where the IFRS are required and their status in the United States and which standards are applicable to insurance companies. Rob and Henry will then begin a discussion on the basics of IFRS 4, such as why is it necessary and why is there so much discussion about it. How does it relate to US GAAP? And finally they will cover where it stands right now and the expected timeline for a final standard.

Listen in as Andy Peterson discusses estimating Equity Risk Premium with with Vic Modugno, who recently prepared a paper on the subject for the SOA. Equity Risk Premium (ERP) is the amount by which the stock market index would outperform a risk-free rate. Vic explains the two ways that ERP can be calculated - by using historical data or by using implicit methods. He also discusses the issues with each method, such as standard error with historical data and how to treat buybacks with implicit methods. Vic will also explain how the two methods are converging and the one finding that he thought was most important from the research.

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