Scott Lennox, FSA, FCIA, FCAS, is a Staff Fellow with the Society of Actuaries. In this podcast, Scott will talk about his career path to becoming a Staff Actuary for the SOA and his work on the General Insurance FSA track.

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Jennie McGinnis, FSA, MAAA, CERA, is a Senior Vice President at Swiss Re in Fort Wayne, Indiana. In this podcast, Jennie will be talking about her career in Reinsurance and her involvement with the Society of Actuaries.

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Interview with Meredith Reitman, an expert in diversity and inclusion in STEM fields. Meredith reflects on the root causes of lack of diversity in the actuarial profession and defines key terms in a way that help frame the problem and potential solutions.

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Oscar is a startup insurtech health insurer that is working to revolutionize the health insurance space. In this podcast their chief actuary, Fausto Palazzetti, shares about his career, how he arrived at Oscar, his work there, and what he has learned along the way. This is part of a series of interviews with entrepreneurial and innovative actuaries sponsored by the E&I Section.

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Dave Dillon, FSA, MAAA interviews Karena Weikel, ASA, MAAA on her February 2018 Health watch article:  Risk Adjustment:  The Details and Why They Matter.  The discussion covers the CMS-HCC part C risk adjustment model and the intricacies within.  As the health care industry moves towards value-base care, many of the arrangements have some form of a diagnosis-based risk adjustment program.  As actuaries, we understand all the intricacies and complexities built into risk adjustment programs.  We can help educate our providers, demonstrate our knowledge and provide analytic support.

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This podcast discusses the recent research report, Impact of VM-20 on Life Insurance Product Development.

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Listen as Steve Finn, FSA, MAAA from the Financial Reporting Section Council talks with Paul Hance, FSA, MAAA from Prudential Financial about VM-22. This is a new requirement effective 1/1/2018 impacting statutory valuation interest rates for single premium immediate annuities. Hear how this requirement was developed, how it may impact your work and what you need to do to prepare for its effects.

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Interviews on location at the Longevity 13 Conference in Taipei, Taiwan in September 2017.

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Dave Dillon and Trey Swacker discuss the potential impacts health care reform may have on the small employer market.

This podcast provides guidance and direction for the SOA 2018 Research Student Case Study Challenge.

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