This podcast discusses the study, Parameter Uncertainty, sponsored by the Casualty Actuarial Society (CAS), Canadian Institute of Actuaries (CIA), and the Society of Actuaries' (SOA) Joint Risk Management Section and the Joint Risk Management Research Committee. Authored by a Hartman Analytics team of Brian Hartman, Robert Richardson, and Rylan Bateman, the paper provides structures to incorporate parameter uncertainty in quantifying risk and illustrates the application through case studies.

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In this first installment in the series, Dale Hall, SOA Managing Director of Research discusses an overview of the Financial Wellness essays with Steve Siegel, SOA Research Actuary and Anna Rappaport, of Anna Rappaport Consulting.

Please note, this podcast was recorded via conference call, rather than our higher sound quality digital recording program.

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This podcast discusses the article, US Pension Discount Rate Comparison 2009-2014,which compares the recent historical relationship between pension plan funded status and discount rates used to compute liabilities for funding purposes. Comparisons include all three major categories of defined benefit pension plans in the United States: single employer (SE) plans, multiemployer (ME) plans, and state and large city public plans (PP)

This podcast discusses the December 2016 Internal Revenue Service (IRS) proposed updated mortality tables, starting in 2018 for minimum funding requirements for single employer defined benefit pension plans.  This study estimates the impact of the proposed change on the single employer pension system as a whole; the impact on individual plans may differ.

This podcast discusses the recently released report by The Society of Actuaries that describes the components of margin for calculating capitation rates in a Medicaid context along with a description of practical issues that may be encountered by MCO’s. The report includes observations from interviews with MCO executives as well as financial results analysis of MCOs nationwide. The material was authored by Sara Teppema, Jeff Goldman, Luke Smith, and Steve Tutewohl from Valence Health.

This podcast discusses the recently released report by The Society of Actuaries and the Canadian Institute of Actuaries that examines a simple but accurate means of assessing discount rate sensitivity. Data used in this report were provided by the Financial Institutions Commission of the Province of British Columbia (FICOM).

This podcast discusses the recently released report describing the Human Mortality Database, a unique open‐access collection of detailed mortality and population data for 38 countries with complete and reliable vital registration and census data. This report overviews the development and completion of the HMD data series down to a cause of death level for an initial set of eight populations: Canada, Czech Republic, England and Wales, France, Japan, Norway, Sweden, and the United States.

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This podcast discusses the recently released article describing the demographics and geography of the increasing number of opioid deaths in the United States. The article summarizes data available from the Centers for Disease Control.

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