Leonard Mangini, FSA, FRM, FALU, MAAA, provides an update on the activities of the Product Development Section and interviews Al Klein, FSA, MAAA, winner of the 2018 Call for Essays on The Future of Wearable Technology in Life Insurance.

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Jim Filmore, FSA, MAAA, Chair of Product Development Section Council and Lindsay Meisinger, FSA, MAAA, Associate Actuary at RGA discuss and recap Session 32: Term Conversions at the 2015 Life and Annuity Symposium.



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Donna Megregian, FSA, MAAA and Joe Kordovi, FSA, Product Development Section Council Members discuss Session 20: Life Illustrations live at the 2015 Life and Annuity Symposium. 

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Kelly J. Rabin, FSA, MAAA, Product Development Section Council member recaps Session 80: Day 2 Pricing Considerations live at the 2015 Life and Annuity Symposium. 

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Jennifer Foster, Section Specialist of the Society of Actuaries has a conversation with Tim Paris, CEO of Ruark Consulting on his Life and Annuity Symposium Session31: Product Design & Policyholder Behavior. 

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Gregory A. Brandner, FSA, MAAA; Julie A. Decker, FSA, MAAA; Kelly J. Rabin, FSA, MAAA, the presenters recap the session at the annual meeting and discuss the current COLI/BOLI market, and provide perspectives on underwriting, pricing and reinsurance. 

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This podcast is a synopsis of the Investments in a low interest rate environment session at 2014 LAS meeting.

This podcast is a synopsis of the Current and Future Interest Rates session at the 2014 Life and Annuity Symposium.

Session 27 was an interactive discussion from the perspectives of a direct writer, reinsurer and technology provider. A real world case study was used to illustrate key considerations required to maximize the effectiveness and ultimate success of an automated underwriting initiative. 

In this podcast, staff actuary Kristi Bohn holds a roundtable discussion about annuities with John Adduci from Polysystems and Nate Wilbanks from Nationwide Financial. This discussion was recorded at the SOA’s 2013 Annual Meeting.


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Listen to this excerpt from The Street’s and Rating Agency’s View of the Life Insurance Industry presentation at the 2013 Life & Annuity Symposium. How well is our industry competing against other industries for capital? What are the key trends seen impacting our industry? Capital or debt markets: Which will bear more fruit? What are the macroeconomic trends that will drive our fate in the future? Both Canadian and U.S. perspectives will be covered. This is part 1 of a 2 part series.

Listen to this excerpt from the Impact of the Low Interest Rate Environment on Life Insurers presentation at the 2013 Life and Annuity Symposium. The panel was moderated by Richard Pretty and features Joe Dziwura and Winter Liu. During this discussion they consider the possible paths of future interest rates and examine the implications of current low interest rates on the life insurance industry.