Cindy Levering was appointed by the Secretary of Labor to the ERISA Advisory Council on Employee Welfare and Pension Benefit Plans effective 2016 as the representative of the Actuarial consulting profession.  Cindy and Andrea Sellars discuss the background, structure and activities of the Council as well as the opportunity and impact Actuaries have at the table. 

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Grace Lattyak and Andrea Sellars have a discussion about the Real Deal Study, a look at retirement income adequacy at large companies.  This study by Aon Hewitt projects retirement income adequacy individually for more than two million employees and uses that data to form insights about the state of retirement income adequacy among employees of large companies.


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Jeanette Cooper interviews Anna Rappaport about her work as chairperson on the SOA Committee on Post Retirement Needs and Risks. More information on this committee’s research can be found at

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In the third episode, Jay Egelberg and Jim Dexter talk about multiemployer withdrawal liability and take a look at the future for multiemployer pension plans.


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In the second episode, Jay Egelberg and Jim Dexter talk about funding multi-employer plan. Areas to be covered include historical funding rules, new fund rules and risks bearing in multi-employer plans. 

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In the first episode, Jay Egelberg and Jim Dexter provide an overview of multi-employer plan design.

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Ray Berry has a conversation with Carol Bogosian about a retirement report titled “Understanding and Managing the Risk of Retirement”. 

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Trustees from the Social Security Administration and the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services produce annual reports updating the status of the Social Security and Medicare programs.  This podcasts provides some insights from the 2014 reports to changes in the status of each program.



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Listen in as Jeanette Cooper interviews John Turner about hybrid pensions. John is the author of Hybrid Pensions: Risk Sharing Arrangements for Pension Plan Sponsors and Participants, sponsored by the Pension Section Research Committee.

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Listen to the fourth and final podcast which includes excerpts from a presentation at the 2012 SOA Annual Meeting by Stephen (Steve) Goss, the Chief Actuary of the Social Security Administration, and Frank Todisco, the Chief Actuary of the Government Accountability Office. In this fourth and final segment, Frank reviews arguments that have been put forth both for and against raising the full retirement age for Social Security benefits.