Mike Lombardi, the 69th president of the SOA is interviewed by Carlos Arocha on leadership and how he decided to run for president. 

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Listen to Tim Rozar of RGAx (innovation incubator wholly owned by RGA) as he discusses his career trajectory from traditional actuary into a leadership position in an innovation environment.  Learn how you can bring innovative approaches to your role ... whatever it might be.  Tim is an elected member of the SOA Board of Directors.

The new world order where disruptive economies, volatility, uncertainty, complexity, and ambiguity prevail, poses tremendous challenges for actuaries. The focus of this podcast is to help actuaries understand how their ability to influence and lead is key to their success and impact.

Are you leading a virtual team or work virtually?  Hear about some ideas for a virtual "dream team".  At the 2016 Society of Actuaries Annual Meeting in Las Vegas, Frank Chechel, Zohair Motiwalla and Anne Katcher led an interactive workshop which took participants through two virtual team case studies.  This podcast shares a summary of the best ideas coming out of that session.

2016 Life and Annuity presenter, Nancy Reece, Executive Coach and Senior Leadership Consultant, and Kelly Hennigan, FSA, CFA, Chair of the Leadership and Development Section Council discuss the themes from the 360 Leadership workshop – specifically leading yourself as well as building trust in workplace relationships.  The discussion includes trust development and the concept of “triangulation”.

This podcast is a summary of the ethical leadership session at the 2015 SOA Valuation Actuary Symposium that explored three components―organizational leadership, ethical decision-making, and the art of diversity.  The discussion offers actuaries practical advice on how to be an ethical leader.

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