Join Alexandre Lemieux, FSA, MAAA and Gregory Johnson for a brief dive into the world of MRB's.

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Join host Alexandre Lemieux, FSA, MAAA and Sisi Chen, FSA, MAAA, CERA for a brief conversation around the new enhanced data requirements for LDTI.

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Join us for part two where we provide a brief overview of the IFRS 17 general model and discuss some key considerations you should consider in setting up your reserves.

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Join us as we briefly introduce the concepts underlying IFRS 17 and hint at the added complexity of this new, and exciting, reserving standard. 

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A quick introduction to the basics around PBR reserving for life insurance. Join host Alex Lemieux, FSA, MAAA and special guest Janelle Kern, FSA, MAAA for a high level overview of the reserve requirements and how they interact.

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Listen as Steve Finn, FSA, MAAA from the Financial Reporting Section Council talks with Paul Hance, FSA, MAAA from Prudential Financial about VM-22. This is a new requirement effective 1/1/2018 impacting statutory valuation interest rates for single premium immediate annuities. Hear how this requirement was developed, how it may impact your work and what you need to do to prepare for its effects.

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In this podcast, Scott Rushing, Derek Kueker and Richard Xu of RGA discuss their SOA research paper "Lapse Modeling for the Post-Level Period, A Practical Application of Predictive Modeling" which was published in January 2015. The paper was written in response to an SOA solicitation for a research paper illustrating an application of predictive modeling to life insurance.  For their paper, the RGA team focused on the use of predictive modeling to analyze the post-level period for 10-year level term insurance and lapses in a multivariate setting. This informative podcast summarizes the advantages of using predictive modeling techniques over traditional actuarial methods and the motivation for writing the paper.

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The Financial Reporting Section and Committee on Life Insurance Research announce the release of a new report examining current practice around the development of policyholder behavior assumptions for life insurance and annuity products.

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In this episode Rob Frasca and Henry Siegel continue their discussion of the insurance contracts projects for the Financial Accounting Standards Board and the International Accounting Standards Board. Topics include unbundling, future premiums, participating contracts, reinsurance, short duration contracts, presentation and disclosures.

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Listen in as Rob Frasca and Henry Siegel continue their discussion of the insurance contracts projects of FASB and IASB. They will discuss the basic measurement model that the boards are proposing with a focus on long-duration products.

In this podcast Rob Frasca and Henry Siegel will discuss the basics of the International Accounting Standards Board (IASB) and International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS), such as what is the IASB and what are they responsible for. Also discussed are where the IFRS are required and their status in the United States and which standards are applicable to insurance companies. Rob and Henry will then begin a discussion on the basics of IFRS 4, such as why is it necessary and why is there so much discussion about it. How does it relate to US GAAP? And finally they will cover where it stands right now and the expected timeline for a final standard.